3 Lessons From Online Dating for B2B Marketers

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Marketing Ideas For B2B During The Covid-19 Outbreak

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Relationship building is a lot like dating. Who here has done online dating? I have, and your mindset and objective are critical in dictating the pace and speed of trust and connection. Without trust and connection, your relations will not have longevity. If your mindset is to build a friendship rather than find the right one, then you will find many friendships and within that the possibility of the right one.

The Scale Your Sales System is all about nurturing and valuing lasting relationships into partnerships. We all just want to have interesting experiences with interesting people. To do this you need to find out what is interesting about the other person. Relationships are so much easier to nurture when there is a mutual connection. Today, your social media presence and getting the best ROI from your marketing efforts are only as good as the relationships you engage and build.

Making genuine connections with your fans and followers needs to be a driving force behind everything you do online whether in business or in your personal life.

Start Treating LinkedIn Like Tinder… Make Your Profile Swipe Stopping

We help the world’s best b2b brands make smarter decisions driven by insights, empowering them to grow. So, we have a unique understanding of the questions to ask, the people to talk to, and the decisions that need to be taken. The current COVID outbreak has had a significant impact on our day-to-day lives and on the global economy. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are faced with great uncertainty as markets shift in response to the pandemic.

Our COVID Insights Hub features up-to-date insights and essential resources to help brand leaders, marketers and researchers understand the global impact of the crisis and navigate the market challenges that lie ahead.

Online dating sites these days make it easy to find dates that fit into your preferred personality type. Users answer questions on mutual interests.

We see this every day as household name B2C brands replace their one-way, promotional, advertising-driven communication practices with a more collaborative and conversational approach through the customer communities they build online. But what are the benefits of building and growing an online community for B2B software companies? Read on to discover the impact they can have on your business.

Online customer communities directly inject value into at least three core areas of your business: customer service, customer success, and product development. Check out our complete guide to Customer Success here , if you’re looking for ways to keep and grow! Best-in-class user communities are serving their organizations by lowering service costs and increasing customer retention. But how is it possible for communities to have such a big impact on scaling customer success and support?

Online communities serve as long-term content engines based on a one-to-many principle. Additionally, for B2B software companies serving hundreds, if not thousands, of end-users, the benefits of having a transparent, multi-channel, community become clear. In fact, online communities have a big role to play in increasing conversion rates from freemium user to paying customer. Why are communities so successful at this?

A space where they can share best practices amongst each other and easily self-serve rather than contact your support team is an ideal way to provide them with top-notch service at minimal cost and effort for you. Communities are a powerful engine for the creation, capture, discovery and cultivation of conversations —and therefore help and support content.

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Subscriber Account active since. Yet, every business expert tells me that finding good business partners is just as tricky as a good marriage, without the sex. Business partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, from finding a single partner to help you run your startup, to signing a strategic agreement with another large company for development, marketing, distribution, or sales.

Meet the b2b videoconferencing startup that’s gone crazy for online dating. Founder Andreas Kröpfl has spent almost a decade hard-grafting in.

Yes you may very well read that title again. And you may very well wonder how these seemingly unrelated activities — one that of finding potential candidates to be your soul mate and the other that of increasing potential buyers for a business — would have anything in common. Making good impressions on first encounters? What about expressing your continued interest and gaining trust later on? Online dating sites these days make it easy to find dates that fit into your preferred personality type.

Users answer questions on mutual interests and habits like favourite films, importance given to physical fitness and religious beliefs. And guess what — he has found his soul mate through the site and will be getting married soon! In B2B lead generation campaigns, the first step to consider is the target audience and choosing the correct target persona. Marketing to everyone and everything would be futile, much like trying to approach every single person on a dating site with a personal message.

As we explained before , getting the persona right by understanding buyers is of paramount importance. By staying within the chosen target audience and focusing the marketing strategy on this group, there is a higher chance of generating dates… or leads. You see what I mean….

How Social Media Has Become a Vital Piece of B2B Marketing

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As a result, many businesses have been forced to close down as they are unable to trade like they normally would for the time being. One way to think about it is as though your email list is your own concert theatre. They are there to hear what you have to say. When you send an email out, you have their undivided attention although how long you keep it for is dependent on the quality of your copy.

You can fill that theatre with those people and speak to them. For FREE. Focusing on building your email list should be high on your agenda and all times, but especially now. It can be a huge opportunity to increase awareness of your brand and most importantly, you will have an audience to talk to once things begin to settle down.

Some serviced based businesses have been forced to pivot recently and completely change their business model. Businesses that have never sold online are now using that as their only source of sales. So if you have a serviced based business that had to close, this could be an opportunity to reach a whole new market by selling a product instead.

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People tell me there are over 5, online dating sites, but I couldn’t find one that focused on matchmaking business-to-business B2B relationships. Yet, every business expert tells me that finding good business partners is just as tricky as a good marriage, without the sex. Business partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, from finding a single partner to help you run your startup, to signing a strategic agreement with another large company for development, marketing, distribution, or sales.

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According to a recent research study by Ascend2 B2B marketers are realizing this same thing. Another way to ensure leads with a high propensity to purchase is by using data-mining to find in-market consumers. One positive aspect about an online dating site is the user is reassured by the fact that the other users have already implied interest in romance by signing up for the dating service. In the same way, data mining monitors social and environmental signals that signify a consumers transition to becoming in-market and in search of a specific product or service.

B2B marketers are constantly looking for ways to shine. One way to accomplish this is employing customer centricity , a concept that is gaining popularity in the B2B marketplace. Although B2B purchasing decisions are based more on logic than emotion, B2B consumers are still ultimately people who appreciate a positive customer service experience.

How can you improve B2B customer experiences? At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel appreciated. This is another reason that focusing on relationship building with B2B prospects is so important. Just like a new relationship needs TLC, B2B marketers must establish a strategic lead nurturing campaign to convert quality prospects into loyal customers.

Lead nurturing emails sent with marketing automation software is a great way to keep your brand front of mind while providing applicable content that engages the lead in how your services will foster their success. Not convinced?

B2B Marketing: Blind Date To White Wedding

And this same advice can be applied to B2B marketing. So, we need to shift our focus from closing the deal immediately towards informing your customers and building trust. This strategy can at times be difficult to comprehend or implement, as most marketing guides, textbooks and information are based on B2C marketing.

HellermannTyton meets these needs with its B2B e-business solutions. Our international websites are always kept up-to-date and optimally delivered to any​.

Today is April Fool’s Day, and I don’t want to throw any jokes at you guys, but instead I want to talk about thinking about social media in a slightly different way. What if you started treating LinkedIn like Tinder and make your profile swipe-stopping? Alright, so you may or may not know what Tinder is. It’s a dating app on your phone, and what you do on Tinder is look at a bunch of pictures and if you see somebody that you like, you swipe right. If you see somebody you dislike, you swipe left.

It allows users to chat only if both parties liked each other in the app. Wouldn’t that be cool? I think it could be a little creepy, too, but anyway, you have to start thinking about LinkedIn as if it was a dating site, right? I’ve often said you wouldn’t walk into a bar and tap somebody on the shoulder and ask them to marry you. Would you do the same thing on LinkedIn?

Dating takes time. You usually have a little bit of courtship going on.

Meet the B2B videoconferencing startup that’s gone crazy for online dating

To provide the foundation for further research and good practice in benchmarking since it combines the best aspects of traditional and new internet marketing activities. A methodological triangulation approach has been adopted that uses secondary data, a mail questionnaire survey, and case studies, to collect quantitative and qualitative data.

The answers of each respondent were coded into the statistical package for social science SPSS. Frequency analysis was used for data reduction purposes and to develop an overall understanding of the survey responses and a general picture of how the sample group has responded.

We have b2b research specialists on 3 continents, across 7 offices. With over bespoke insight projects completed and detailed industry-specific experience, we can help your b2b brand to reach its Our COVID Insights Hub features up-to-date insights and essential This site uses cookies to improve your visit.

B2B merchants often have limitations on shipping and return options, which can cause buyers to look elsewhere for goods. I have consulted with B2B ecommerce companies worldwide for 10 years. I have also assisted in the setup of new B2B sites and with ongoing support. This post is the fourth in a series in which I address common mistakes of B2B ecommerce merchants. The first post addressed mistakes related to catalog management and pricing. The second described user management and customer service failures.

The third post discussed glitches from shopping carts and order management systems.

How does the B2B sales process work? (Part 1)

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